I was on the e-forums and started noticing that there are number differences between sellers that are pro-zibbet vs anti-zibbet regarding actual sales from the seller.

So I decided to add up the sales of the first 10 anti-zibbet sellers and the first pro-zibbet sellers. Here's what I got:

anti-zibbet pro-zibbet
15 218
229 780
18 171
3 3093
181 7
100 254
70 70
471 110
190 1200
sum= 1277 5903

anti-zibbet zibbet
15 218
229 780
18 171
3 3093
181 7
100 254
70 70
471 110
190 1200
629 272
sum= 1906 6175

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Usually, but but not all, the shops there that are vocal supporters have been there quite a few years with average or below average sales, or they are brand new shops..

I have found that true on other sites ( not Zibbet so far), too.

 Seems there is somewhat of a difference in business models that look at the site as a true  business venture with less emotional attachment, and others  become undying supporters no matter what the figures say.

Just human nature, I guess.


oops, don't know how the table got in there twice.

What I got from it was pretty simple, a lot of the sellers that coming here are established and know what they're doing for the most part (I say most part because it takes some time to figure out a new platform). Also that the sellers that are clinging to e probably do so because they have not built themselves up enough to get their own traffic. Once the veteran sellers get zibbet built up, many of them will come over.

This is just my take on it.

I would say I am very pro-Zibbet with 3 sales under my belt, so I do get your point. Is there supposed to be a correlation or are you just saying being Pro or Anti has nothing to do with the number of sales?

I think that a lot of sellers who have been with Etsy for long enough to have enjoyed good sales feel somewhat betrayed and are moving to a venue more in keeping with their values.

A few years ago Etsy marketed itself as more than just a venue, it was a handmade movement.  Now those sellers who are really passionate about what handmade stands for feel that they need another place to sell.  The newcomers weren't here to remember Swimmy, and the old forums and the labs etc.  Etsy is a VERY different place now.

The numbers came from e sales. The sellers that supported Zibbet had a much higher number of sales than the people who spoke against Zibbet. I also didn't notice until someone pointed it out, but the sellers who speak again Zibbet also tend to have newer shops on e.

Sharon - I think you're absolutely right.  I count myself amongst the old-timers who feel precisely as you described.

I think Lori means to say that the Zibbet supporters on Etsy tend more to be in the experienced sellers camp.

Makes sense, too.  They have the history of the site and can make a more realistic comparison of past and present performance by ecorp.  As established sellers they are also more likely to have a very good understanding of their own business stats.  Finally, they have had to frequently make huge accommodations and workarounds to ecorps many crazy changes.  

I would say the old timers with lots of sales are the most adaptable people out there because of the shenanigans of E. But it should send a message home to E that so many pro-Zibbeters are their long time cash cows, who are going to pasture now in Zibbetland.

I may have a reason behind this... The newer sellers supporting Etsy.

Think about how Etsy finds small sellers..  We met at craft fairs, or other places and were excited about building a unique Handmade, vintage, and supply community.  Although Etsy is making a great deal of changes,... they are still trying to convince people their business goals and dreams are possible to obtain on Etsy. 

All of us that were there a long time saw the inspirational "Quit your day job" series..  They have workshops, where the tell you not to under value your work, and that your work holds value and will appeal the the right target audience. 

It is very inspirational...  However those that have been around long enough can see the mas produced goods infiltrating the market place undercutting us..  Who they tell not to under price our work..  When factories selling watches sell them fro .20 cents, and ship for 7.00

The newer sellers haven't been through Baligate and had their trust in Etsy destroyed yet.  They see us as sour grapes that aren't in touch and are afraid of competition or accusing us of  not giving Etsy a chance, and complaining rather than adapting. 

New sellers are watching the Holiday Boot Camp and dreaming big, like when we each found Etsy

I also just noticed pattern if you will ..

I have no idea why I didn't see it before..  Maybe because I was still holding on to the dream Etsy fed us. 

I noticed many threads where experienced sellers said the bottom dropped out of their shops in waves..  throughout the past years. 

I though tit was failure to adapt to relevancy etc...  Now I have an additional theory..

When conducting their tests.. How do they pick who is part of the test?  If it wasn't a shop that had regular sales, they wouldn't be able to gather enough data to see if gather any real results. 

I am sure they wouldn't do it to the very top sellers that sell a hundred items a day..

So sellers that have been around awhile that have consistent sales would be the right ones to test.

So now in retrospect... I think maybe the sellers that are in the middle to low top 1% of the site are the test shops.

This is speculative of course.. but how many times have you seen sellers that had built good businesses go to the forums panicked saying something must have changed overnight?  That all the sudden everything just stopped?

I am pro-Zibbet, and I've never been a high volume seller. I joined Zibbet about three weeks ago and have had 5 sales (three of those were custom orders for a friend, but the other two were from Zibbet shoppers). That's comparable to what I would sell on Etsy during a similar time period. My guess is that there are many factors that go into each person's sense of Zibbet and sense of Etsy at this point in time. I'm sure sales (and sales expectations) are a part of that but my guess is that there's a lot more there, too. Still, interesting information you gathered.



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