Has anyone worked with either one of these yarns?  I've seen the patterns for pomp-a-doodle and am trying the scarf with the lovebug yarn but it seems a little thinner than the scarfs made with pomp-a-doodle.  Anyone made anything else with these yarns?  I would love to see it!  This yarn is so interesting there should be something more you could do with it besides scarfs and edging.

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Sorry, I have not worked with either of these yarns. I too, would love to see a finished project with either of these.
I've seen some projects, but the yarn itself doesn't impress me. I'm a bit fussy about what I'll work with, and like finer weight yarns.
I just picked up a skein/hank/bundle - whatever - and am anxious to try it - this will be a knitting project; most of the pics I have seen using the pomp-a-doodle have been crochet..........................will let you know......................

I'll be honest I'm a little scared to work with them.  I can get frustrated easily, so I like to stick to more even yarns.



On the Red Heart site, there are patterns available........and one of the patterns is for a small blanket that is made with the Pomp-a-Doodle yarn.   It is quite pretty (in pink), but after using this yarn for a trim on wristlets, I'm not sure I have the patience to make an entire blanket!!!!!   It's different, all right!


Grandmother Carolyn

I've had a play with the pomp-a-doodle (though I had to look it up to see what it was before I recognised it :-) )

I find it a bit fidly to crochet with in that I have to look at what I'm doing.  I like how it ends up though kind of like a piece of material thats made up of little blobs of fluffiness :-)

I just made a coffee pot cosy that has some of that yarn in it (I've put it in my JacBerKitsch etsy shop...)

Sounds like you were NOT defeated by Pomp-a-Doodle!!!!  I'm off to your shop to see the coffee pot cosy - and what about the avatar here, looks like the fingerless mitts may have a P-a-D cuff?

Grandmother Carolyn

Is this what you're talking about? It was a little challenge but fun. Felt delicious to the touch. Other than a scarf or blanket, I don't know what you'd make.

I shoulda known that Barbra Buttons, yarnster extraordinaire would have tried this "stuff".....ok, 'fess up, did you knit or crochet it?    I did the fingerless mitts in a cocoa brown and this color as the fluffy wrist......knit.....definitely a challenge.....when Rachael, the 7 y/o grand-daughter spotted them across the room, her eyes lit up, she made a bee line for them and said, "oh, yeah, these are MINE!"  She put them on, and I don't think they came off for the rest of the day.......it was one of those not-for-Kodak moments, just priceless!


No Cozy, I'll check later.......


I did knit this and just working the fluff balls so they even out was a challenge,just tedious,not hard. As a trim it's probably great but also tricky. I'm a sucker for soft so this got me.

it IS soft.....and dusty!    I kept sneezing as I worked with it......................;-)


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