It has been almost a year for me here and I have paid every month for my shop, which is a good price. I still have my items on other venues but have not sold a thing on this one. How long do you stay in a venue with no sales. A lot of you have stated to me that my items are too expensive, not wanted and really not quality items while others like them but either way..after a while you have to reflect on the year and see how much you want to put out or move to another venue. Have any of you thought about this?  I promote on all the avenues out there and get lots of looks, in the 4-500s but yet no sales here on Zibbet. So how long do you keep paying for a venue that is not paying back?


Linda Oooo

Waterfall Crafts

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Well.... first of all  I don't think your items are to expensive, unwanted or not quality items.  Whoever in the world told you that?  Second of all,  I see the visitor counter in your shop and it only says 190 something visitors......  2 of my shops views are up in the 2-3 thousand a month and I have over 200 sales in two shops on here... I promote all the time and try to be an active member in the community and on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, and wherever you can "talk" about your Zibbet shop.  You are not promoting enough to get the views that will eventually bring sales. If you are more involved with anther shop on another venue,  that will not bring you sales on ZIbbet.  Zibbet needs to be your #1 focus,  you must bring your customers to your Zibbet shop.  Also you only have 47 items,  LIST, LIST, LIST,  that will also help you get views.  Join Z Box for some extra promotion! 

Personally......I will have been on here for a year in Aug.  I have had a couple sales.

I know that I need to do more with my shop but, with that said I will always use Zibbet as my main site.

I love the community here and that people are very friendly and helpful, you don't find that much in other venues.

I also promote my shop here much more than I do for the other venue I am on.  

I just sent in samples to the Z box and hope that this will also help with getting my name out there.

I also need to put more items in my shop....which I am working on now.

My views have steadily gone up since I started here......I also know that they don't always turn into sales but, you never know.

Rebecca wow I would love to have that many views.  :-)

Any way with all that said......................I have to agree with what Rebecca said.

List more and promote, promote, have to be proactive to bring in your customers.


You have an adorable shop. I don't know why you aren't selling more. The longer I'm here, the more I see sellers making sales. I think you should try a little longer because of the recent press that Zibbet has received. The site is growing. Since you do not have 50 items perhaps you could try a free shop for awhile so you aren't losing money, and you would still have a presence here.

How long one stays with no sales and why one remains with no sales will be quite variable.  It depends on your own business or hobby goals.  For some, it may be just a marketing cost to support sales at other locations; for others, it may be just a hobby cost.  You'll need to decide on your own goals and achievement dates.

If your goal is sales, then you'll need to figure out what sells and then start selling to the market at a market price.  If you list more of the same non-selling items, listing more isn't the answer.  You'll need to list those types of items which have a high probability of selling.

If your are operating a business, then you need to decide if there is a benefit to the ongoing cost, if not, then cancel the cost.  Only the business owner can make that decision.  Keeping track of all business costs and revenues should make the decision very easy.  Whatever decision the owner makes, it should be a rational business decision appropriate to the specific business, not compared to someone else.

Rebecca said it well on every point. Have you thought of joining some groups on Facebook...the Zibbet groups as well as those that might be interested in your work-kids groups,Mom's groups? If your sales on other venues are going through the roof and nothing here that may mean even though you think you're promoting Zibbet, it's not enough. Personally I can't promote more than one shop and although my things are elsewhere, my sales are on Zibbet because this is where I promote.

Regarding the statement that "my items are too expensive, not wanted and really not quality items"...that source should be totally discounted! ♥

I've been on Zibbet for almost one year and have been asking myself the same thing.  I have just four sales here, all mohawk hats.  Honestly, though, I've only been really serious about Zibbet since the beginning of 2012 when I upgraded to a premium account.  I've joined a few groups here and that seems to have helped.  I have to do more promoting for this shop.  I also recently upgraded to premium in my photography shop here.  I've been working on listing more work there. 

How long to stay is a decision only the seller can make.  It all depends on your individual circumstances.  I wish you much luck in whatever you decide.  For me, I'm staying here for while since the four sales I have had here have covered my fees until Dec. 2012.

Linda, I remember one incident where someone made those criticisms.  And honestly, since he was a guy, I understood.  I have lived with four guys half of my adult life.  I rarely, if ever, ask their opinion on things such as style, function or pricing of my items.  My guys have NO clue.  *grin*. 

We can all think what we want about someone else's items, but it boils down to what you know you must charge and what the market will bear.  Individuals will have different tastes and what is worth something to one isn't to another.  Another aspect to this is that sometimes we have to accept that some items may not be worth making if we have to charge so much just to break even and that price is too high for the market. 

Having said that.  I also remember the suggestion of putting some of your cases in a group listing rather than selling them as a single item.  I see that you have done that.  But I can't tell from the descriptions which ones are.  You have a grouping of 3 in one photo but the description sounds like it's for one only.  Then you have a listing photo for one and it sounds like it's for more but I don't know how many.  And the pricing is the same for each listing so it's a little confusing as a buyer. 

And what everyone else said, promoting your shop to drive people here is the main way to get sales on Zibbet. But I've also heard very often, when all efforts are equal, certain items sell better from one venue than others.   

I had my first sale ever on Etsy after 18 months. When I came here I had my first sale after 10 days of opening my shop. I use Twitter and Facebook to promote my little corner of the world. I watch those store and item views all the time. I promote the heck out of my shop. Dropping out of Premium will help cost wise, but there are advantages of the Premium account, such as appearing on the front page. I say keep in there, and promote your shop. Get into chats can help with that, too. Getting your name out there and in front is part of the game. 

Hi Linda,
I was asking myself that same question. I've been at Zibbet since March and nothing and not much traffic. To be fair I realize it was basically my own fault because I was spending 80% of my time on other venues where I was getting traffic and sales. I had already decided to give Z a try through the holidays and then make a decision when out of the blue a buyer contacted me to purchase 40 pieces of an item for a baby shower! She was ready to buy and purchased within the hour. My first Z sale was an awesome one and completely unexpected. I've decided to stay and put in more time and effort into my shop. Those Z buyers are out there!

I hear what you all are saying. I cannot give up my other shops because they are making money and I guess I look at this one and think it will be like my B & M shop but you have to do a lot more work on the Internet. I know i have not listed even near the 600 items I sell.  Guess it is time to stop making for a couple of days and start working on the net more. Lots to list and marketing to do and in time we shall see. Thanks for the ideas, there were there just guess I forget the big difference between Internet selling and a B & M. Will keep going forward, Now need to get likes on my FB page and get going. Thanks everyone

What's your FB address so we can go like you if we haven't already?

I don't think your items are too expensive or unwanted. Whoever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about.

I will be here a year in July and have sold 21 items. Actually 28 but 7 of them were things people saw and wanted to buy them without having to register here. I have had a total of 8,405 shop views since being here. This month I have had only 362 so far. My biggest month was in April with 1,267 but I think that was because I was a featured Zibbeter that month. I have no plans on leaving here but if I go for a long period without a sale I would probably try to do some more promotions to get things rolling again. It's a tough place to sell because I think the lookers here are older women than what Etsy sees. I could be wrong, but that is the general feeling I get. I hope you get some sales soon.

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