Hi everyone!

Ear cuffs (vined, over the ear, small, large, simple, etc.) without piercings are growing in popularity.

I'm going to a local fair later this month, and I have lots of ear cuffs/ear wraps made, but have NO idea of how to display them.  For photography, I use my sister - it shows how the cuff/wrap is worn, and is great.  But how do I take them to a show?

I've looked into silicone ears (the type massage artists use to practice), but at $40 a piece (not pair), it's not practical to buy 2-3 pairs to take to a live show, and many of them are "slightly larger than life-size", which really doesn't help.

I thought about perhaps a life-sized card-stock cut out, as they are easy to "mass produce", show how the cuff is worn, etc.  These do not work well for ear wraps, like my Elemental sets (like the one below), but they do work decently for the cuffs.

(Elemental Air, http://www.zibbet.com/DreamWeaverJewelry/artwork?artworkId=639330)

Anyone have any ideas?

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My only suggestions are to look at how retail stores display theirs to get some ideas and check online store display shops to see if they have anything affordable. Good luck with your quest.

I've seen some (ear cuffs and pins) at craft shows and festivals, but I don't ask where they purchased the displays.  I don't ask the vendors where they purchased the displays; in most cases vendors won't divulge such information to competitors as they loose a competitive advantage.  So far I haven't found a good source; I've looked at suppliers with jewelry displays, but to no avail.

In any case, display will cost money and the cost just needs to be figured into the selling price of the items so you can make a good business profit.

Another option, however, is the create 16x20-inch, or larger professional quality display images of the your items.  For this to work, though, the pictures should be taken with jewelry on a professional quality model.  If you want to sell quality, all display need to show that quality.  Large pictures can be produced easily at photo booths of the major big box store; good displays, however, won't be cheap.

It all depends on how much you want to spend to create the best image for your booth.

Bleah.. I had a feeling this wasn't going to be easy.  I did check out several display shops and while I found some hands (FINALLY, a way to display slave-bracelets!), I've not found any ears or ear-cuff/wrap displays.

I did see someone make hollow Sculpey ears (just the outer edges) using their own ear's dimensions.  They looked really neat, and were reversible.  It was just enough to show the cuffs she made off.  I have tons of Sculpey around since I have been known to make my own display parts in the past, but only basic things such as shapes or wedges to elevate items, as I'm abysmal at actual sculpture unless it's made of wire-wrap.

Photos were another thing I'd thought of since my mother has a professional-grade color printer (My father was a DJ before he died, and we do all our own business cards, fliers, "menus" and we copied many many many MANY vinyl records to CD so we could preserve the vinyl), and I can't exactly present "custom" orders in any other way, but for that I planned to do a binder-portfolio of past completed custom orders.

Thank you both so much for your input! :)

Would it also work, if, I am wearing one of my sets (I have made a couple of ear-wrap/cuff sets for ME, after all!) and had them pinned on a tray display - so when someone asks, I can point to my own and start off a conversation (since that does seem to be a huge suggestion for any live venue everywhere I look)?

Perhaps you can use video, display a slide show on a laptop, tablet, iPad, or one those electronic picture frames.


For local festivals, by all means wear you best ear decorations.

My wife will sometimes wear my ear pin and cuff designs; other times she'll wear my regular earring creations.  Unfortunately, most female buyers don't notice what she is wearing; I need to start a conversation and then point out what she is wearing.  Our own conclusion is that females generally don't notice what other females are wearing on their ears.  This is different in an office working environment where females like to show off their new ear wear.

What does work for display, however, is that I wear my ear pins, like a bobby pin since I don't have pierced ears.  That does get attention.   It also shows a different way to wear the ear pins. I'll sometimes show off our magnetic earrings.  A male wearing novelty ear jewelry does get more attention.

As for pictures at shows BIG is good; that's what professionals do at wholesale shows.  BIG signage also.

This is a good site to see some elegant ear cuffs and images.  (I have no business association with that site; it's just that they have nice products and have good wholesale prices.)  http://www.earcharms.com/

Do you know of anyone who does woodworking? They may be able to make some simple ear forms and set them up as a tiered group display.

They wouldn't have to be intricate, just an ear shape.

Just a thought.

Of course then you could market the displays too......

Your card stock ears would work just fine... IF instead of card stock you cut them out of 2 layers of fun foam glued together with an extra bit in the back to attach to a foam core board. Then you can have a whole board of them. Use a Great picture of your sister's ear and glue that on top of the fun foam, then layer the two foams together. Finally cut the whole thing out. The foam has just the right amount of 'give' to let the cuff hang on, plus you can buy it in peach or pink to look like an ear right away. :-)

I didn't even THINK of that! I'll have my laptop with me to keep track of inventory.  It wouldn't be hard to set up a slide show at all! Another thing to keep in mind! Thanks! :)

Another thing I didn't think of...I do a bit of woodworking, and my father has a full wood shop in the barn.
A little bandsaw work could do it, though I don't think I'd have the time this run, I can certainly do it for future ones!

Fun foam.... Another good idea -  we are making a trip out to the craft shops for some last minute things- and that may be more doable for this show. :)

Hmm.. My nephew-to-be will be with us, perhaps I can convince him to wear one of my things that isn't "OMG HI I'M REALLY LOUD", but something that would be enough to grab some attention...  Thanks for the idea! :)

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