I just opened up a new account here. Need a new basket, instead of putting all the eggs in one, especially with the new system over there in Etsy.... If you know what I mean ;)

I'm trying to get familiar with the system here, which is not too complicated and quite similar to Etsy's. It reminds me of the old Etsy, which I like =)

Are you an Etsian?

I know I am =)

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I've had an account here for over a year, but never did anything with it. Now I plan to move everything away from Etsy by the end of the year.


I just closed my etsy shop. It was constant work making treasury lists etc and just not worth the effort. Patricia from pattim

Just beginning to get my feet wet here; will keep my Etsy shop open for the time being, as I juggle and make decisions. But I already feel very welcome here, and certainly see many familiar faces. Uhhh, "avatars."

So HI everyone - is there a EtsiansOfZibbet group or someplace to hang out? (No real need to answer, cuz I clearly have a LOT of exploring yet to do, esp. in the Community Hub!)

Just waving in greetings (i.e. "procrastinating") before buckling down ...

hi there! I am also a new transplant from etsy and wanted to introduce myself! I'm Robin of TallulahSophie and I am a fabric/button/trims addict! I have (or more like *had*) 2 etsy shops and decided to move one over here as it looks like a great place to be :)  My 2nd shop  might soon be following ;)  I made my first purchase here last night and know there will be many more to come!


I look forward to getting to know you... this place is like a breath of fresh air!

hey Rabbit!!

how are things here? do they have Margarita Fridays?


it looks like many from ETC are on their way here.

Yes I am from Etsy and just joined here a couple of days ago.

So glad to be here where I feel like I count for something.

I'll raise a glass to that for sure!  And to black fonts too!  :-)

Hi Huey. We are Etsians. We decided not to have all our eggs in one basket too. We just joined a couple days ago.

Good luck to you here. 


Hi, I don't know if this has been mentioned but the famous CindyLou  said that if we don't change our content here to something nice and fresh, including titles and descriptions, then Zibbet will lose traction with google.  And we need to be found on google!

So if we are building Z up, we need to get out our dusty thesauruses (thesauri?) and make a lot of changes. 

Yep.  The easy part was uploading my listings over here.  Editing everything that is currently in draft to assure SEO is what is gong to take a LOT of time!  But worth it in the long run I hope!  :-)

How different does it need to be?  Are we talking descriptions only?  Titles?  Pics?  The first couple of sentences?  Yikes I never thought of that.

Not pictures, as far as I know.  Just stuff that Google uses for indexing purposes.  Titles most definitely.  Also, your shop welcome and shop title should be different from the ones you have on E.  And change your item descriptions too.  Not just word order, but come up with some new sentences.  Mix stuff up.

This is helpful:

I read this and thought, ok, how will I make these things different from my E listings?

I'm no expert, but that's what I'm doing...


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