I just opened up a new account here. Need a new basket, instead of putting all the eggs in one, especially with the new system over there in Etsy.... If you know what I mean ;)

I'm trying to get familiar with the system here, which is not too complicated and quite similar to Etsy's. It reminds me of the old Etsy, which I like =)

Are you an Etsian?

I know I am =)

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The exodus from Etsy has brought many hundreds of sellers to Zibbet and more arriving each day.   The radical changes at Etsy have pushed many folks to the limits of their frustration.

Zibbet is a great place to sell.  Management listens and interacts with the folks here!  

Welcome to Zibbet! I currently sell at Etsy too.

I came over the other day, listed a whole bunch of various crafting books since they did not move on Etsy. I'm still over there, been there  years. Hope you have much success with your shop and many sales!

Many here sell on Etsy. A are 'allowed' to put an Etsy link in your shop on Zibbet, even an Etsy widget but realize that if potential buyers see that,they may click on it,go to Etsy and probably not return here. Then you may wonder why no sales! My advice, since I've been here over 4 years is not to put the link, at least not in your opening announcement. If you want buyers to stay and buy here,putting a link out of here is counter productive.

Exactly, Sweet2Spicy . And Etsy doesn't seem to care about the sellers' concern. It seems like it's not the same Etsy it used to be anymore.

Hello and thanks for the warm welcome, 1337 Art!

Thanks! Same to you, Cheryl Cianci!

Thanks for the tip, All About The Buttons! Never thought that Zibbet would allow that. However, I removed all the links as I thought it's against the rules. Well, it's not something Etsy would allow, so I thought the same rule is applied here.

With your avatar, Rabbitude,that's a perfect analogy!

So true All About The Buttons!!!!

I'm new here and from etsy. I'm still trying to figure everything out...especially this social/forum thing...lots going on !

What you said, Rabbitude is true on Etsy but Zibbet allows those links in your shop. But as I said, it defeats your own purposes to add them prominently here. You can add your twitter,Facebook links and that can be helpful for exposure. In the promotions thread here,only Zibbet links are accepted.

I'm new here too - hoping to get some listings up soon. Lots to learn but what a welcoming community!

I am also from Etsy, still selling there but since I have a lifetime account here and it is easy to import, I figured I might as start this shop back up. I still need to edit everything and get it out of draft but this system is pretty easy to use. 

I mostly let this shop sit empty since I wasn't get much traffic but I could import from AF and get a CVS file of items (this was the only that imported AF items, still can't figure how they managed too) 

Did they change that? A few years ago I remember you could link to anywhere. It's not Etsy - it's like AF in that way. I believe their search is more like AF as well where titles and descriptions count. Tags, not really. Besides mostly you need to get external taffic. 

Not much internal traffic.


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